RRHS Student Lead in the Nutcracker

RRHS student plays lead role in the Nutcracker
Posted on 12/21/2021

Student Sports Spotlight - Bella Cabrera

Bella Cabrera has been part of the Young Artist Ballet Company (YACB) in Green Valley since she was 8 and was accepted into Ballet Continental at the age of 11.

This year, Bella auditioned for and was awarded the part of Clara in “The Nutcracker.” This is given to two dancers who demonstrate both excellent form and technique and possess natural acting skills and expressions. Between the two dancers, they share the part of Clara as well as Snow, Flower, and Little Girl.

For her recent part, Bella began practicing twice per week beginning in September. On Saturdays, she would take 5 classes and attend practice which is more than six hours of dancing and physical activity. She would meet again on Thursdays for an additional 2 1/2 hours of practice.

Once the show got closer, practice increased. It was common for Bella to go to practice both on Saturdays and Thursdays as well as having additional practices on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Bella is a Cambridge student at RRHS, an active member in STUGO, in the student senate, and is part of the RRHS HawX team who practices each Tuesday and Thursday from 3:40 pm- 6 pm as well as some Saturday mornings. Beginning in October, Bella changed all of her Saturday YACB classes to Wednesdays so that she could be part of both dance and ballet.

It is very important for her to stay organized, manage her time wisely, ask for help when needed, and have very open and honest communication with her parents, teachers, as well as between her RRHS dance coach and her instructors at both Ballet Continental and YACB. At times this can be quite challenging however, she has a lot of people around her who support her passions and help her stay focused on academics as well as allow her to pursue her love of dance.

dancers on stage during the nutcracker