SCV35 Mask Policy

SCV35 Mask Policy Remains In Place
Posted on 04/21/2021
On April 19th, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order which rescinded the requirement that face coverings be worn in schools. The Executive Order also states that school districts maintain the right to continue their adopted mitigation strategies, including the use of face coverings.

The Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District’s mitigation plan includes a board adopted policy regulation that requires the use of face coverings by all staff, students and visitors while on District property and/or while attending District functions.

SCV35’s current mitigation plan and board policy regulation remains in effect and is unchanged by Governor Ducey’s Executive Order. All staff, students and visitors to district sites and events will continue to be required to wear face coverings per GBGB-R.

We are evaluating the extent of the impact of Governor Ducey’s Executive Order and will keep you informed of any additional impacts or changes.

Thank you for your continued support.