School Health Advisory Council

What is a SHAC?

A School Health Advisory Council (SHAC), sometimes called a “School Health Team”or “Wellness Council,” is a group of individuals who represent both the school and the community.

This group acts collectively to providing guidance on aspects of the school health policies and programs. SHACs can advise a local education agency (district) or an individual school site (elementary, middle, or high school).

SCVUSD No.35 SHAC Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster healthy habits through our:
Families: To insure they are educated and responsible for decisions that promote their health and well being.

Schools: To encourage the modeling and teaching of healthy habits and the active seeking of community partnerships.
Community: By supporting and participating in positive lifestyle changes.
School Health Advisory Council: By promoting and sustaining a vision which inspires meaningful, positive change, implements forward-thinking policies, and positively affects people’s lives.

SCVUSD No.35 SHAC Vision Statement

We envision our families empowered and supported as they choose healthy lifestyle behaviors that result in physical, mental and emotional wellness.