SCV35 recognizes partner physicians

SCV35 recognizes partner physicians and local health clinic
Posted on 10/01/2021
Dr. Williams, John Fanning and Melisa Lunderville

Community liaison, John Fanning presented plaques to both Dr. Williams and Dr. Lunderville, Dr. Pereira was unable to attend.  

Dr. Williams addressed the Board and conveyed his heartfelt appreciation and congratulated the District in their efforts towards achieving such a high vaccination rate in Santa Cruz County.

"When you think about our community partners, and specifically when you think about the success that we've had, being one of the highest counties, in terms of being vaccinated, that's directly related to our community partners and I will say Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District has been one of our closest partners."

The link to the live stream can be found here. 

Dr. Williams holds his plaque

Dr. Phil Williams, Mariposa Community Health Center

Dr. Lunderville holds plaque

Dr. Melisa Lunderville, SCV35