Hall of Fame

SCV35 Hall of Fame LogoThe Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35 is proud to announce the formation of its inaugural SCV35 Distinguished Hall of Fame Committee. The SCV35 Distinguished Hall of Fame honors those outstanding alumni, faculty / support staff, and community who, through their contributions to the arts, business, education, athletics, government, humanities, philanthropy and science, have brought honor to themselves, the SCV35 and the communities they represent.

The purpose of the SCV35 Distinguished Hall of Fame is threefold:

First, to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to SCV35 as well as those categories listed above.

Second, to establish in the hearts of our youth, a motivating influence to excel and to encourage the adoption of lofty goals in the pursuit of excellence.

Third, to foster pride, preserve scholarship, creativity, artistic and academic excellence and citizenship by contributing to the welfare of our school and community.

“Our district has had some incredible individuals / teams, and this is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate their many achievements. We will actively and earnestly work to ensure that the people who should be honored because of their hard work and effort receive the acclaim that is deserved, said Committee Chairman, John Fanning.


For more information about the SCV35 Hall of Fame, visit the official social media pages.

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