Employees of the Year

At SCV35 we would like to acknowledge our teachers, support staff, and administrators, that have consistently gone #SCV35AboveTheBar every day. Thanks for making our district great!

Teachers of the Year

Heather Faley

 Heather Faley - 4th Grade, Mountain View

  • Caring, motivating
  • inspiring and encouraging
  • Creates exciting meaningful lessons
  • Loves what she does
Iliana Magallanes

Iliana Magallanes- 3rd Grade, San Cayetano

  • Magnificent teacher and even better person
  • Approachable
  • Positive attitude
  • Dedicated
Clarissa Fuentes

Clarissa Fuentes - 5th Grade, Calabasas 

  • Makes getting to know students her first priority
  • Excellent collaborator
  • Tirelessly dedicated
Claudia St.Clair

Claudia St. Clair - 8th Grade - Coatimundi

  • Does her best to make students successful
  • Involved in students' lives
  • Hardworking and caring

Congratulations Ms. St. Clair for being the SCV35 Teacher of the Year!

Luz Mendez

Luz Mendez - Cima Vista, Rio Rico 

  • Builds positive relationships with students
  • Patient
  • Gives high quality help to every single student

Site Support Staff of the Year

Gina Frownfelter Gina Frownfelter - Media Center Tech, Mountain View
  • Pleasant, friendly, warm
  • Builds positive relationships with students and families
  • Strong work ethic
Chato Villegas

Aureliano  Villegas - Sodexo, San Cayetano

  • Dedicated
  • Goes above and beyond 
  • Beloved coach, peacekeeper
Maritza Riesgo

Maritza Riesgo - Media Center Tech, Calabasas 

  • Kindhearted, caring and dedicated
  • A joy to be around
  • Loves sharing her passion for books

Congratulations Ms. Riesgo for being the SCV35 Support Staff of the Year!

Yara Sanchez

Yara Sanchez - Parent Liaison, Coatimundi 

  • Takes care of parents
  • Gives more of her time than asked
  • Makes the school look welcoming
 Karla Sosa

Karla, Sosa - Receptionist, Rio Rico 

  • Professional, courteous
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Positive attitude
  • Team player


Get to Know Our Staff

SCV35 District Teacher of the Year - Claudia St. Clair

SCV35 District Staff of the Year - Maritza Riesgo

Illustration Of A Gold Star.png

5 Years of Service 

Tamra Bartelt- CK8

Lucia Bigelow- SC

Rebekah Cabrera- CtMS

Guadalupe Flores- CK8

Billy Hix- RRHS

Melissa Jauregui- CK8

Kelsey Leaf- SC, MV, CK8

Amy Maddox-MV

Cliff Marsom- Curriculum

Sharon Martinez- RRHS

Martha Montenegro- CK8

Rodolfo Noriega- TR

Donna Pacheco- CK8

Maria Parra- CtMS

Edgardo Robles Corvera - TR

Karla Tovar - SC

Rosemary Valdez-CtMS



10 Years of Service

Elizabeth Bond- CK8
Nereida Borrego-CK8
Susie Fanning-CK8
Arlette Hernandez-SC
Nagesh Kumar-RRHS
Tom McIlrath-CtMS
Mimi Renteria-SC
Daniel Rodriguez-RRHS
Olivia Teran-TR


15 Years of Service

Julie Ballard-CK8
Yuki Carrillo-CK8
Jon Chavez-CK8
Lynn Dittmar-MV
Yolanda Fuentes-CK8
Rohonda Kridler-CtMS
Dago Lopez-RRHS
Karen Martinez-CK8
Kit Rendon-RRHS
Imelda Romero-CK8


More than 20 Years of Service

Leticia Beltran-TR
Sal Ceballos-RRHS
Dora Chavira-TR
Morgan Falkner-RRHS
Jennifer Martinez-SC
Sandra Ozorio-CK8
Julieta Quiroz-DO
Chris Peters-RRHS
Teresa Potter-RRHS
Mindy Scanlan-SC
Stephen Schadler-District Office
Blanca Watson-CK8
26-Roman Chavira-TR
28-Lizzy Stoller-CK8
29-John Fanning-RRHS
33-Heidi Lukow-RRHS
33-Mary Martinez-TR