Employees of the Year

At SCV35 we would like to acknowledge our teachers, support staff, and administrators, that have consistently gone #SCV35AboveTheBar every day. Thanks for making our district great!

 Administrator of the Year

 Dagoberto Lopez

Dagoberto Lopez- Assistant Principal, RRHS

“He is a mover and a shaker. His energy is contagious and his hard work does not go unnoticed. He is as a tremendously equal  supporter to all students, teachers,  and staff; someone you can depend on having a sharp and logical frame of mind. An example of great leadership and being #scv35abovethebar!”


Teachers of the Year

M. Dittmar

Mark Dittmar -  Art, Mountain View

“Mr. Dittmar is certainly one of our teacher leaders on  campus since he does a lot of listening, learning and  leading by example. He adapts to challenges and delivers instruction that is personalized.”

Congratulations Mr. Dittmar for being the SCV35   Teacher   of the Year!
J. Salisbury

Jackie Salisbury - Reading Intervention, San Cayetano

“Ms. Salisbury very knowledgeable and uses her knowledge to make data driven decisions to drive instruction for our school wide intervention program.”



Hyacinth Benignos - 1st grade, Calabasas

“Ms. Benignos is an excellent teacher, dedicated and patient with her students. She enjoys challenging all learners no matter their academic ability and works at addressing all of their needs.”

C. Williams

Cristina Williams - 8th Grade, Coatimundi

“Ms. Williams is a true mathematician who promotes  critical thinking, makes math moments count, and structures lessons that are inquiry based. She piques students’ interest for in depth learning, critical thinking, and focused conversations and practices.”




Classified Staff of the Year

 Claudina Puig - SC

Claudina Puig - Parent Liaison, San Cayetano

Mrs. Puig is a “ let’s get it done” type of person. I appreciate her energy as a peer and especially as a parent. She goes above the bar in assisting families, and completing her work load. Mrs. Puig is great.”

 Manuel Costa - MV

Manuel Costa - IT Technician, Mountain View

“His friendly disposition and helpful manner has been felt all across our campus during the 2020-21 school year while we have dealt with the very challenging effects of using technology more than ever before. All are feeling much more confident about our technology use thanks to Mr. Costa.”

 A. Garcia

Annette Garcia - School Secretary, Calabasas

“Annette will not stop until the tasks are completed and up to her standard. She always puts the students’ needs first and remind the staff of that. Her hard work speaks for itself.”

 Prima Quintero

Prima Quintero - Attendance Clerk, Coatimundi

“Prima has been amazing in supporting teachers with parent communication. She informs parents of how teachers can best support their child's learning (meet times, 1-1 times) parent conferences.”

 M. Estrada

Melanie Estrada - Athletic Office Specialist, RRHS

“In addition to her superb work ethic, Mel is able to think outside of the box to improve the athletic department, especially in the areas of branding and student recognition.”

 M. Rivera

Maria Rivera - HR Tech, District Office

“Her attention to detail is phenomenal and her customer service is beyond comparison. Maria takes great pride in the service she provides knowing that every action reflects back on the District. She realizes that providing exemplary service is key to supporting satisfied employees and/or members of the public.”

Congratulations Mrs. Rivera on being the SCV35 Classified Staff of the Year!

Professional Staff of the Year

 Arlette Federico

Arlette Federico - Instructional Coach, San Cayetano

“Arlette is a driving force behind assessment on our campus. Arlette offers support to families in understanding the data; this is no easy feat! She takes the time to listen to families’ needs and is able to explain results in a manner that is positive.”

 Megan Padilla

Megan Padilla - Instructional Specialist, TLA

“Megan brings a considered and thoughtful  approach to everything she does. As the leader,  Meg takes the time to listen and make sure everyone necessary is included in the conversation. When it is time to take action, she does so with gusto  and determination. Her honesty, tenacity and considerate nature make her a natural leader and  someone who gets the job done. Megan always sees the good side of people and encourages others to do the same.”

Congratulations Mrs. Padilla for being the SCV35 Professional Staff of the Year!
 Mercedes Thompson

Mercedes Thompson - Special Ed. Coordinator, Student Services

“Mercedes works with every teacher to ensure that all students have supports, equipment and training  to level the playing field and to ensure we are providing the very best educational opportunities to all of our stakeholders.”


Get to Know Our Staff

SCV35 District Teacher of the Year - Claudia St. Clair

SCV35 District Staff of the Year - Maritza Riesgo

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5 Years of Service 

Luz Andrade - CK8
Donimic Armijo – SC
Olga Bermudez
Tiffany Brookman
Coretta Cruz - MV
Luz Duran
Alejandra Garcia –CK8
Claudia Guevara
Maria Hernandez – CK8
Shaynah Hitnze - MV
Diane Klein –CK8
Vanessa Montoya - SC
Yulianna Puig -SC
Hortencia Ramirez
Rosa Rico – CK8
Ivan Soto - RRHS


10 Years of Service

Sylvia Carrasco - SC
Alejandra Garcia - SC
Virginia Garayzar – CK8
Ernest Gutierrez – MV?
Loree Johnson - RRHS
Judith Kennedy - TLA
Isela Lopez -
Enrique Martinez - MV
Eva Mendivil-Lopez
Elizabeth Moraila - RRHS
Christina Pierce - WC
Ana Romero-Davis - RRHS
Sandra Teran - RRHS
Jessica Vreeland - SC
15- Karla Sosa - RRHS
Yemille Peiro - RRHS
Melisa Lunderville - WC
Veronica Herrera - CtMs
David Verdugo - DO
Lourdes Ocampo - DO
Anabel Aguilar
Stanley Gillman - CK8

15 Years of Service

Julie Ballard - CK8
Yuki Carrillo - CK8
Jon Chavez - CK8
Lynn Dittmar - MV
Yolanda Fuentes - CK8
Rohonda Kridler - CtMs
Dago Lopez - RRHS
Karen Martinez - CK8
Kit Rendon - RRHS
Imelda Romero - CK8

20 Years of Service

Marie Cassidy - CK8?
Ana Castro

25 Years of Service

Isabel Garate
Nora Robles - MV
Patricia Reyna -
Sandra Valle

30 Years of Service

John Fanning - DO