Telemedicine program

SCV35 Partners with Mariposa Community Health Center to provide Telemedicine Program for Students
District health aides

SCV35 in partnership with Mariposa Community Health Center (MCHC) will begin a pilot program to offer students and nurses access to physicians at the school site.

The program will kick-off at Rio Rico High School with the plan to expand to all school sites within the district. Each site will be equipped with a device, equipment, and a space to connect privately with a physician at MCHC.

“The cool thing is that we can do 80% of the normal-person visits via telemedicine, meaning that we can listen to the heartbeat, ears and throat or we can look at the skin. You know, we can pretty much do everything,” said Dr. Phil Williams, Head of Pediatrics and Liaison for telemedicine.

Watch media coverage of the pilot program at AZ Family, Phoenix.