What we value reflects who we are.  At SCV35, we value....

Reflective Nature- Continuously reflecting on best practices and performance in pursuit of continuous growth.

Competitiveness- The desire to actively and assertively join our pursuit of the commonly agreed-upon objective. The innate enjoyment of a difficult challenge.

Growth Mindset- Belief that ability can be enhanced through dedication, perseverance, and hard work. Ability is controllable.SCV35 AboveTheBar Logo, sun and graduate with cap

Positive Belief System- Optimism about the District is consciously driven by positive thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. Believe adversity is an opportunity. Understand our “Why”!

Positive Relationships- Based on respect, supportive and motivating, compassionate when necessary.

Communication- Communication is the path to finding the best way, not your own way. Therefore, listen if you want to be heard.

Teamwork- A group of people creating common goals and working interdependently to meet those goals.

Collaboration- Shared knowledge and effort with all levels of co-workers for the sole purpose of benefitting more students.

Trustworthiness- Reliably loyal and professional committed to the District.

Integrity- To always act in an honest and ethical manner.

Relentless Work Ethic- A daily commitment to continuous improvement. Quest for excellence- How can I be better today than I was yesterday?

#SCV35AboveTheBar Video Series

Being above the bar is a recognition for students, staff, and community members who go above and beyond in their academics, careers, and contributions. Those who model the values and are committed to the SCV35 mission.

 They are our role models, mentors, and coaches.  You can catch all of our AboveTheBar interviews on our YouTube Channel.


Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized?  Email [email protected] with your nomination and short description of why they are #SCV35AboveTheBar.


From Teacher to Trooper: Iliana Magallanes

Two-time teacher of the year Iliana Magallanes is now caring for her students in a different way.



Dr. Williams & Dr. Pereira, Mariposa Community Health Center - COVID-19 VACCINATION Q&A

SCV35 community partners, Dr. Phil Williams, MD and Dr. Eladio Pereira, Chief of Medicine at Mariposa Community Health Center sit down with Superintendent Verdugo to explain the current status of the COVID-19 vaccine in Santa Cruz County and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

SCV35 has partnered with Mariposa Community Health Center to provide telemedicine/health services, COVID19 testing and vaccination for staff, students, and the community.